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Volcano Tori


Kamen's newest fiery ultra-spicy ramen - Roasted Tori(100% Canadian Chicken), eggs, corn, scallion, bok choy, pepper, cabbage, onion, mushroom(w/b) with Kamen original spicy sauce.

Volcano Chashu


Are you up for the challenge? Try to keep calm with this ramen that’s made with a capsaicin extract - roasted pork, egg, fish cake, bamboo shoot, scallion, corn, black mushroom and cabbage

Tan Tan Men


Toasted sesame, chili oil, marinated ground pork, corn, bok choy, cabbage, egg and scallion (*Tantan sauce contains peanuts)

Spicy Miso Kamen


Fire flavoured spicy miso ramen - Roasted pork, mushroom(w/b), cabbage, fishcake, bamboo shoot, beansprout and scallion

Roasted Garlic Spicy Miso


Topped with roasted pork, roasted garlic, bean sprout, black mushroom, fish cake, bamboo shoot, scallion, chili threads

Sapporo Miso Kamen


Fire flavoured Sapporo(originated in Sapporo, Japan) - Choice of ground pork or chicken, bean sprout, bok choy, mushroom(w/b), cabbage, carrot and scallion

Miso Kamen


Topped with roasted pork, fish cake, bamboo shoot, scallion, bean sprout, bok choy and dried seaweed

Seafood Kamen


Fire flavoured seafood ramen - Fresh mussel, scallop, squid, shrimp and cabbage, scallion, mushroom(b), bok choy, pepper, beansprout in Tonkotsu broth


Side Menu



2 pieces of pork(or chicken) cutlet and rice w/ Japanese curry and miso soup.



Pork cutlet & egg on rice w/ mushrooms, onion, unagi sauce, red ginger, scallion.



Sliced sirloin & egg(raw or cooked) on rice w/ mushroom, onion, red ginger, scallion.



Deep-fried pork(or chicken) cutlet set meal served with rice, spring mix salad, miso soup and tonkatsu sauce with ground sesame seeds

Black Mountain Onigiri


Nori wrapped Japanese rice balls

Chicken Karaage


Soy sauce, ginger, lemon, sake, marinated bite-sized pieces of fried chichen



Unique Japanese street food - octopus, shrimp, cheese with fish flakes on top

Agedasi Tofu


Lightly fried tofu in a sweet & savory sauce with green onion, fish flakes