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We are bringing the next generation of Asian crossover ramen to the Greater Toronto Area.

Kamen is a portmanteau based on two Japanese words. We took the ‘Ka’ from ‘Kazan’ meaning ‘volcano and combined it ‘Men’ meaning ‘noodles’ to create a name that represents what we are all about. With this name, we want to paint the fiery nature of many of our signature dishes / particular brand of ramen.

We offer a variety of bowls that are very unique in flavours, textures and taste. We want you to have our “Kamen” experience and leave satisfied.

Our sophisticated, rich, and satisfying soup base that we make from scratch creates an exquisite harmony of flavours featuring stocks made with pork bone broth, chicken broth , fish broth, as well as vegetable broth.

We are particular about our noodles. Hand-made using high-quality flour and kneading the dough with a special air-tight mixing technique, we’ve succeeded in creating the best texture and flavor in our noodles that will be the perfect complement to our signature soup base, no matter the flavor combination.

Especially our vegetarian broth is made with a bounty of vegetables and aromatics – onion, carrots, ginger, garlic, and Napa cabbage – and seasoned with cooking wine, sweet vinegar and mineral rock salt. The entire mixture is boiled, then simmered down to reduce the volume and leave us with the most concentrated of fresh flavor to use as the base for our vegetarian ramen offerings.

Come in and taste the fire.
Because here at Kamen, fire means flavour.


The King of Kings Ramen is by far the most delicious soup I’ve ever eaten. I have tried a majority of the foods listed on the menu. …


Welcome to Kamen



Monday - Thursday
11:00a.m - 10:00p.m

Friday - Saturday
11:00 am - 10:30 pm
11:00a.m - 10:30p.m
Sunday Closed